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This unit equips learners with knowledge and skills to apply shipyard safety for workers in general trade operating in the shipbuilding and ship repairing work environment. Who should…

The Supervise WSH in the Marine Industry is a mandatory training course for a supervisor in the Marine industry.
Workplace Safety and Health (Shipbuilding and Ship repair Regulations 2008 reg. 6 (8) stipulates that no person shall be employed to oversee or supervise any work or process carried out in a  Shipyard or onboard a shin in harbour unless the person has received adequate safety and health training for the purpose of ensuring that such work or process can be carried out safely.

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The Workplace Safety and Health (Shipbuilding and Ship-repairing) Regulations 2008 Reg. 6 (2) stipulates that “It shall be the duty of every person not to carry out any work deemed hazardous in a shipyard or onboard a ship in a harbor unless he has undergone a safety and health training course ap